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February 5, 2010

Fri, 05 Feb 2010

Yesterday was a fairly mundane day.  Didn’t do much and just seemed to veg on the couch in front of the computer most of the day.

I did find that one of my chooks has a nasty infection on her leg.  It’s going to need treatment with peroxide to get rid of it.  Now I have to find a chemist that sells it.  Hopefully it goes away, Silvie is very a pretty chook.  When I went to check on her today I noticed that the door to their coop had swollen in the rain last night and was very near impossible to open.  I need to replace that door I think.

I worked night shift from 1800 to 0200 last night.  So got to bed late.  Admin have made an error with a day off that I wanted, meaning the 2.5 hours I spent trying to find someone who could/would swap with me to give me the weekend off was a waste of time.  The person I found to swap was doing me a favour and now they have swapped for nothing.  After the swap was processed, admin decided to tell the rostering guy that there must have been an error and to move me back to my original shifts so that I could take annual leave instead.  I wouldn’t have minded if they had of called to ask what was going on.

Today we built another garden bed up in the back yard.  It looks good.  We have laid weed-mat down between that garden bed and the fence and the garden bed to the other side too so that we can get some gravel to lay on top so we don’t have weeds and grass growing between them.  Should look nice when it’s done.  Shame gravel costs so much.

Off to work again tonight.  Hopefully it goes faster than last night.

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