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February 9, 2010

Tue, 09 Feb 2010

Silvie is still sick.  I don’t know if I can say that her leg is getting any better or if I am just wishing to to be.  I think there will be a vet trip in her future and yet another bill on my credit card.  I thought chooks would be vet free, low maintenance animals but it appears that I may have been mistaken.  Less than 3 months into this adventure and we are in need of some professional help.  At least I have the help of my friends at Backyard Poultry Forum.  Many very knowledgeable and helpful people there.

We did manage to get into the garden.  I managed to get a few things done on Sunday afternoon before it got too dark.  We put up a trellis for the climbing beans, thinned the parsnip and carrots, sprayed for the nasty Small White Cabbage Butterfly caterpillars that keep eating ALL the new leaves on our broccoli and cauliflower  The cauliflower is yellow because it has no protection from the sun.  The leaves normally provide that.

We shovelled the horse manure into the new garden bed too.  It makes the soil look so good.  The beautiful thing is, we have an endless supply of well rotted manure right across the street.  Love the racecourse.  It is free too which means we have to spend half as much on soil to fill the garden beds too.  There is never enough nutrients in the soil we get in anyway.  I’ve used all the sleepers we were going to build a retaining wall with though.  I guess we will be forking out more money there too.  Hopefully things start to grow better soon and we can start using more from our garden.  The bush beans and lettuce are about the only thing that are growing at the moment.

Yesterday we went to the beach with Amanda and Iain, Andrew (Iain’s brother) and his girlfriend.  We went to Park Beach at Dodges Ferry.  It’s a lovely beach with no waves and nice green/blue water.  Abbie seemed to like the water and the little waves until we took her deep with us and she swallowed some water.  She just wanted to play on the beach then.  We buried Andrew to his neck in sand and Abbie was helping.  It was the cutest thing ever.

We cooked a meal with the chicken meat from our roosters last night.  We made a cheesy chicken mornay and it was delicious.  The chicken we slow cooked and pulled from the bones.  It was so tender and flavoursome.  Some people will have problems with me eating our pets but at least they had a better life than they would have in a commercial hatchery.  They were able to free-range in the sun, dust bath (their favourite thing to do), eat a variety of foods and socialise with a small flock.  They were loved and were slaughtered with love and efficiency.  Thanks to my vegetarian friend (Glenn) who helped me to dispatch our chooks.  We now fall within the council regulations for how many chooks we can keep.  Not sure how long that will last though…

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