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February 11, 2010

Fri, 12 Feb 2010

Abbie learnt how to climb today.  She was staying at Grandma’s for the day and climbed up on her couch.  Wendy has a 14 minute video after that of Abbie climbing on and off the couch.  Of course she had some falls but as always she didn’t care and I have a feeling the fun outweighed the falls anyway.  I think we did the right thing not fussing over her when she has a tumble.  We only worry about it if she cries.

We have had a few proper tantrums lately too.  She carries on whenever we leave the room.  All hell breaks loose if you try to close the toilet door to ‘go’ in peace.  She had a really good one when she tried to move a duffel bag full of clothes that was too heavy the other day.  Full on screaming and bucket loads of tears.  It is a bit upsetting but kinda funny too.

The chooks have been raiding the garden beds.  They have found the good stuff.  I caught them too late on Tuesday and they had taken  all the tops off the beetroot, they had a bit of a go at the carrots, the parsnips, the climbing beans and the lettuce.  We had fenced off the rhubarb as they were eating the leaves off that too and shouldn’t be (the leaves are poisonous). We have to fence off the gardens so the chooks can’t get in there any more.

We took our first cherry tomatoes off the vine yesterday.  Some red, some green.  Next year we need to keep on top of them as they are wild and everywhere.  We are getting some ears of corn showing on their stalks.  I’m not holding out a huge amount of hope for them as the plants they are growing on are stunted quite badly.  I think this is from a potassium deficiency but if anyone knows for sure, feel free to let me know.

We are waiting for the crops to finish growing in the raised beds near the chooks so we can move them up the back with the other beds where they get full sun.  They were never really in a good spot where they are.  The house blocks a lot of their sun.  We have 5 raised beds now and that is about all we can fit up there.  Hopefully that is enough space now.  Just have to get the hang of sprouting seeds and keeping things alive and cropping.  Nothing so far has gone too fantastically.

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