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February 15, 2010

Mon, 15 Feb 2010

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  We had a wedding to go to.  Tenille and Eric were tying the knot.  Their family didn’t know.  They went with the idea that they were going to the engagement party.  They were told to go to the restaurant and after turning up there they were given a map to the beach where the wedding was held.  After the wedding everyone went back to the restaurant and had some drinks and nibbles.  It was a great day.

We went to the farmer’s market in Hobart again yesterday too.  We got up early so that we could get there at the opening time.  We were only 7 minutes late, a good effort with an infant.  It was much better to be there early.  All the stores were full of stuff and we were able to see exactly what was on offer.

The first stall we went to was the bakery that is always sold out by the time we get there.  We have been waiting to try it.  At 0810 there was a line of 15 people there already…  They sell out quick by the looks of it.  The bread was great.  It was still warm when we got home so it must have been fresh.  We picked up some lettuce, a Buttercrunch, from another stall which is always sold out by the time we get there.  We went and got some more seedlings from the Hobart Kitchen Gardens stall.  His seedlings are just great.  We got 6 Buttercrunch lettuce, 6 Webbs Wonderful Lettuce (the original iceberg) and 6 Perpetual Spinach.  With these we half filled our latest raised garden bed.  Hopefully they like all the horse manure we managed to get in there.  After I spent all our money on seedlings we went to find some food.  We stumbled across croissants.  The taste was great.  Loved it and love the farmer’s market.

On Saturday Courtney and I tried to run another aerial cable down the wall.  I climbed in the roof to see how tight it was going to be to get it in there, far too tight, so we decided to take a panel of roofing off and drop the cable down the wall.  This worked but it wasn’t a whole lot of fun.  We had a lot of trouble and I think it took us a couple of hours to do, from start to finish.  I could not do this for a living.  We are now planning to change the lounge room and dining rooms over.  It will be nice to be in the room with the air-conditioner, which is how the house should have been built, but wasn’t.

That’s about everything.

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