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February 17, 2010

Wed, 17 Feb 2010

In today’s post:
Silvie’s (the sick chook) Outcome

Silvie has not been well, suffering from suspected Staph.  We have been treating her with a combination of peroxide (poured into an open wound, OUCH!) and Savlon cream to kill the remaining bacteria and any bacteria that was trying to move in.

It has been 12 days since we first discovered the lump on her leg.  She had been looking better, the lump reduced in size and she was socialising with the others a little more.  She had really bad balance and was using her wings to help her balance.  She was sitting on her legs a lot as well.  When all the others would stand to eat, she would sit.

I found her last night after work (at 0230), sleeping in the run and not in the coop with the others.  This is highly unusual for a chicken as they are very strict with their bedtime routine.  When the sun goes down, they go home to roost, always in the same spot.

I picked her up and popped her in the door of the coop and left her for the night.

When I went out today at midday I found her in the same spot I had left her in last night.  She literally had not moved.  She looked as if she was sleeping still.  I picked her up and tried to get her to stand up but she would fall asleep again and just slump on the ground.  I moved her to a nest box and put her outside so that she could rest.

On coming home from shopping, I found her to have passed away.  It looks as if it was fairly quick for her, luckily.

A online friend of mine, who is a vet in NSW, has since advised me that she would have been slipping in and out of consciousness, not falling asleep.  She would have been experiencing kidney failure, heart failure and brain damage or deformation/swelling.  This would have come from a toxic shock from the infection spreading.

She was a good looking chook and died far too young, she hadn’t laid an egg in her life and deserved much better than she got.  She will now become a slow release fertiliser for a tree that I will buy to plant.  That way we will never dig her up by accident.

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