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February 18, 2010

Thu, 18 Feb 2010

In today’s post:
A new tree
A new chandelier
More gardening

Today was a fairly busy day for us.  I dug a hole last night to bury Silvie and covered her with a bit of soil until we go to the nursery.  We went first thing this morning and bought a nice big blackwood tree.  It would be about 1.8m tall already.  Hopefully it turns into a beautiful big tree one day.  The one we saw at the nursery was at least 30m tall.

We found a chandelier that we REALLY liked when we were on the Gold Coast late last year.  We couldn’t bring it home because it was too big to take as baggage.  We decided not to get it and have regretted it ever since.  When Courtney’s grandfather passed away just before Christmas, her father went up to the Gold Coast again a few weeks later to look after his mum.  We asked him to buy it for us and we would find a way to get it here.  It was a long process but a good friend of mine, Amanda Onions from Brisbane, picked it up from Courtney’s Uncle’s paint shop and took it to the airport where she and I get staff rates through Australian Air Express and posted it to us.  It turned up today and we had it installed by the end of the day.  It is stunning, as per the photo above.

We did a bit of garden clean-up tonight too.  We mowed the back garden area to get rid of the thick mat of weeds and we used the last of our weed mat to block them from growing again.  We are planning on buying some nice crushed stone to put over the weed mat between the beds.  It should compact into a beautiful path between the beds stopping any weeds in their tracks.  We measured each bed and the overall area we are wanting to put the gravel in and worked out how much we need.  We will probably get it once we get back from Port Stephens, hopefully we can afford it by then.  We have a bit more weed mat to put down and we have to move the two beds from the side of the house to the back yard as well, but we have to wait until everything finishes growing in them before we can move them.  We might have to forego some crops so that we can move them before the spring plantings.  It should start looking very nice once it is complete.  The next job will be to build the retaining wall behind the deck, grow some grass and plant a few more permanent things.  I am starting to see the big picture.

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