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February 21, 2010

Sun, 21 Feb 2010

In today’s post:
Farmer’s Market

The last few days have been pretty boring.  I have had to work and haven’t had much of a chance to do anything else.  Today I managed to get out of bed at 0700 to feed Abbie and get to the Farmer’s Market by 0830.  It was another good morning at the market.  The stall holders are starting to recognise me.  I saw and spoke with Matthew Evans from the Gourmet Farmer on SBS.  He was selling his free range pork products so I got a little bottle of Rillettes.

Rillettes is a preparation of meat similar to pâté. Originally made with pork, the meat is cubed or chopped, salted heavily and cooked slowly in fat until it is tender enough to be easily shredded, and then cooled with enough of the fat to form a paste. They are normally used as spread on bread or toast and served at room temperature.

It tastes absolutely delicious and if it wasn’t so expensive I would buy some every week.  It is probably one of the most expensive pork products I have ever bought, at $9.00 for about 100g.  Atleast I paid it to the person making the product and not just a supermarket.  I bought a few more seedlings from Hobart Kitchen Gardens.  This week I bought some Brussels Sprouts (I bet you didn’t know they grew like the picture above…) and some Chinese Cabbage (Wombok) seedlings.  I bought some parsley and chives seedlings from another little stall.  I will be planting them out today.  Just have to find some room for them all.

I bought some more sourdough from Zum while I was there.  I got the Rye Sourdough and it is the most sour bread that I have eaten.  It is delicious, especially with the rillettes.

I am planning to put some hay in the chook pen later on today for them to play around in.  I need to clean out the coop for them again too.

I put a sprinkler system on the newest garden bed the other day but the rigid tubing that holds the sprinklers has all split and leaking so I bought some new ones today, a better brand, and will fix that today too.

Better stop typing and start working.  Have to get to work by 1500.

Thanks for reading.

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