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February 24, 2010

Wed, 24 Feb 2010

In today’s post:
Courtney’s Birthday
A Great Meal
A Sick Day

Yesterday was Courtney’s Birthday.  She turned 25.  She had a fairly quiet day, with her mother and aunty coming over to have a bit of a scrapbooking session.  Her aunty was called away early by her kids school but her mother stayed until about 1700.  Daniel Weeks came over in the afternoon, with beer, and we had a bit of a drink before heading out for dinner.

Dinner was at Rockwall in Salamanca.  Courtney, Amanda, Iain, Daniel and I were treated to a beautiful meal which was worth every cent.  We had a bit of everything between us, the chef must have hated us.

I had the Free Range Pork Loin Rack glazed with plum + tamarind on mash
Courtney had the Crispy Skin Chicken Breast pocketed with creamed leeks, bacon + parmesan
Amanda had the Citrus Crispy Duck twice cooked on roasted vegetables
Iain and Daniel both had Scotch Fillet 400g done to Medium Rare with Fat Chips

The meal was delicious, the service fantastic (they noticed the presents on the table and put a candle in Courtney’s cheesecake) and the company was great.

I am off work today due to an ulcer in my mouth, right on my jaw, at the back near my tonsil.  It is really hurting to talk or even swallow.  There is no way I could talk for 8 hours.  I am hoping to go and grab some more stock for the Nut Bar (our teams charity fundraiser at work), more Mixed Nuts and hopefully get some chocolate covered peanuts and sultanas from the wholesale confectionery place in Rokeby.


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