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February 26, 2010

Fri, 26 Feb 2010

In today’s post:
A collage of frames
The Nut Bar charity fundraising
Installing Jill’s aerial
The start of a birthday cake
The chooks progress

Yesterday we went to buy some frames for some photos for Courtney’s birthday.  She had a vision of a collage of frames on the lounge room wall.  She arranged the frames the way she wanted on the floor and we put the photos in the frames in the order she wanted them.  After we had done that we got some wrapping paper to mark where all the frames were and took a photo of it so we knew which order they went in still.  We measured where the hooks needed to be and taped the paper on the wall so we could put the hooks in the right places.  It worked really well and looks pretty good too.

The other day Courtney and I tried to find some chocolate coated peanuts and chocolate coated sultanas for the Nut Bar at work and we ended up going to Robbies Confectionery in Rokeby.  We managed to get a really good quality version of them both for cheaper than we were buying them for previously.  It will be good to have them again as they sell really well.  Anything covered in chocolate always sells well at work.

Today I went to Jill’s house with Abbie to try to install an aerial so she can use her TV.  She has been at her house for a few weeks now and hasn’t been able to watch a minute of TV the whole time.  I did everything right but it just doesn’t work.  I think it has to be the shit F connector that came with the aerial.  I can’t think of anything else it could be.  It took ages and it doesn’t work.  Frustrating.

I started the cake for Saturday’s birthday BBQ for Courtney today too.  I decided to make a Black Forest Cake.  It looks really involved and has five different ingredient sets and processes for different parts of the cake.  There is two types of cake (a butter cake and a chocolate cake), a chocolate mouse, a chocolate ganache and sour cherries with a sweet and sour syrup.  It goes together like this:

  • one third of the butter cake splashed with rum
  • layer of mouse and cherries
  • one third of the chocolate cake
  • a layer of cream
  • another third of the butter cake
  • layer of mouse and cherries
  • another third of the chocolate cake splashed with rum
  • another layer of cream
  • the last third of the butter cake
  • another layer of mouse
  • final layer of chocolate cake
  • ganache poured over the top
  • chocolate shards on top

It should be delicious.  There will definitely be a photo of that tomorrow night.

I think the chooks are very close to laying their first eggs, well Dotte and Shelly, the two remaining wyandottes.  They are 22 weeks old now and we have had them for 10 weeks.  I can’t wait to see the first egg in their nest box.  I have been checking daily now because their bums are getting really fluffy.  It is meant to be a good sign that they are ready.  You would normally see by the colour of their combs.  They are meant to go bright red but the wyandotte breed has what they call a ‘rose comb’ which takes a long time to grow and is much flatter than a normal ‘single comb’.  This picture is of a mature wyandotte:
Every time I check for eggs in the nest box I get myself really excited as I can see eggs but then I remember that I actually put 6 golf balls in the nest for them to know where to lay and that I am only seeing the golf balls and no eggs.  Damn.  The wait continues…


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  1. Gregstarr permalink

    I want me some of that cake Aaron!!!! Frreze me piece for when im down next lol

  2. Tenille permalink

    can’t wait to taste the cake! and see the new wall feature :) you are reminding me to update my blog…

  3. Jill permalink

    Thanks for the efforts with the aerial, i’m sure we’ll get it working soon enough! See u guys tmrw night for the bbq, can’t wait for the cake!

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