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March 1, 2010

Mon, 01 Mar 2010

In today’s post:
Fixing Jill’s aerial and other bits and pieces

Yesterday I spent the afternoon, after blogging, at Jill’s house trying to fix the aerial I tried to put up the other day.  After the Farmer’s Market yesterday I dropped into Jaycar (an electronics store) to pick up a few bits and pieces to try to work out why Jill’s aerial wasn’t working.  I tried to run straight from the aerial to the TV and it worked straight away.  After this worked I tried to wire directly from the aerial to the current wire which was in the wall when Jill moved in.  This worked also.  So far so good.  I tried to re-wire the 4 way junction box again and this worked too…  Now I’m really not sure why it didn’t work in the first place.  But with Steve’s help and a bit of troubleshooting we got it to work fine.  I wired it up and ran the wires to somewhere near the man hole.  I just have to drill another 2 dynabolts and then I am done with that.

While Steve and I were there we went and had a look at Jill’s backyard to try to work out what they want to do out there.  We decided, and Jill didn’t seem to care, that we would move the water tank to the top of her yard.  It was at the bottom so had no help from gravity to feed the water and was absolutely useless where it was.  We emptied it, unhooked it and moved it to the top of the yard.  We spent a fair while sussing out where all the storm water pipes went and have to dig around a bit and find where we will join the overflow into the current pipes.  There is a small area where this can connect just below ground level but I am thinking that there will be a longer section of pipe further underground that we could tap into.  Just have to dig it out a bit more.

Another job that Jill has been waiting to have done, that Steve and I thought we could tackle, was to have her dishwasher installed.  She had all the stuff there and it looked easy enough.  We jumped onto Youtube to see if there was anything we were missing to make it more difficult but it still looked like it was easy.  It all went to plan and she now has a working dishwasher.  All that was involved was screwing in a water supply tube from the current tap under the sink, drill a hole in the drain pipe from the sink to allow the washer to drain and finally plugging in the power cord in to the power point under the sink.

All in all, one job complete and two part done…  I have a feeling we may have left Jill’s place in more of a mess than she would have liked.  At least she can spend less time in front of the sink now…


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  1. lol, do you realise you’ve talked about chickens 9 times.. and the garden 9 times..
    both of these are your most talked about topics.. PROOF that you are a hillbilly

    If getting enjoyment from my pets and watching things grow that can save me money and feed my family healthily is being a hillbilly then I guess I am. Either that or I care what my family eats.

  2. Jilly permalink

    U and Steve rock! Lol and the house was perfectly tidy so I was fine :-P dishwasher on at the moment :-D

    You’re welcome. Still have to fix your downpipes urgently… Just in case we get some rain.

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