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March 7, 2010

Sun, 07 Mar 2010

In today’s post:
Plumbing with Daniel
Breakfast at Courtney’s Dad’s
Chicken Update
Garden Update

The last week has been full of work.  I worked from 1000 – 1800 on Monday and Tuesday and then moved to Hotline and worked from 0800 – 1600 for Wednesday and Thursday and was off work on Friday with the Flu.  Courtney has been really sick as well with another ear infection and bronchitis, maybe another antibiotic allergy to go with it all too.

I have been stressing out all week about what I need to do to finish what Steve and I started last week by moving Jill’s water tank.  It was all I could think about every night while I was trying to go to sleep, which bends will go where and whatever, trying to pace it out in my head to make sure it will all work.  Daniel came around on Friday afternoon and we popped over to Jill’s to have a look.  Daniel being a plumbing apprentice, about to become fully qualified, had a look and decided we should do it a completely different way.  It actually worked a lot better in the end too so I am glad I agreed.  Yesterday morning I met him at the plumbing supplies shop and bought the rest of the bits and pieces we needed to complete it.  We headed back to Jill’s and started digging….. and digging…..  It was all rocks and FCR and the bits underneath were all clay.  It was not much fun.  I got a blister on my Travel Agent hands and got picked on all morning.  Daniel had to go to a wedding and left me to it.  I was exhausted and was having a really hard time.  Courtney rang me an told me that she had been vomiting and needed to go to the doctors so that gave me a desperately needed rest.  After we finished at the doctors we went back to Jill’s and I finished the plumbing bit of the exercise.  I went back today in 31 degree weather with the sun beating down to put a base of gravel down for the tank to sit on and put the pipes into the tank in the appropriate spots.  Tested it all and it all worked fine.

This morning we went to the farmer’s markets again on the way to Courtney’s Dad’s house for breakfast.  We just wandered this morning, not spending much money or time there.  We grabbed some fudge that Courtney has wanted to buy a few times, passed on the free range bacon (for this week anyway) and grabbed some garlic to plant out (from Hobart Kitchen Gardens) and left.  There was nowhere near the same amount of stuff there today, I assume because the Taste of the Huon is on today too.

Breakfast was great.  Michael had made home made Croissants and some with a tiny sausage in the middle, which were delicious.  Bacon, sausages, french toast, home made Worcestershire sauce, all washed down with sorbet in champagne.   It was a great morning.  Thanks Michael and Katheryn.

The chickens are yet to lay me an egg.  The Wyandottes are getting very big and their faces are slightly redder, slightly larger combs and slightly more fluffy on the rear end.  These are all signs that they should be close.  I keep threatening to let them see their brothers again if they don’t lay me one soon.  I don’t think they appreciate this much.

Courtney bought me a book from Stephanie Alexander (author of the always popular ‘The Cook’s Companion’).  I got ‘The Kitchen Garden – Dig, Plant, Water, Grow, Harvest, Chop, Cook’.  It is a great book with an A – Z of fruits, vegetables and herbs, the usual and the very unusual.  Tells you when to plant, what to do with the soil, how to harvest etc and gives you two or three recipes for each plant.  I can’t wait to read it.  It has almost 800 pages.  This will be my anniversary present, a week and a half early.  Hopefully it helps the garden grow a little better, or at least for me to know what each plant likes.

I made a my favourite blogging chef (Chef John Mitzewich from pizza dough last night and it worked really well.  Don’t judge him on that video.  It is three years old and he has spent a lot of money on new equipment lately, even doing them all in HD now too.  It should make such a nice pizza that we are having Amanda and Ian over for dinner.  Pumpkin, fetta, onion and basil (which is from our garden).  Better get going to go and prepare the dough now.

  1. Wendy permalink

    Sounds like a lot of work Aaron. I bet Jill is grateful!
    I enjoy reading your blog too :)

  2. Amanda permalink

    Pizza was delicious!!! Loved it.

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