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March 13, 2010

Sat, 13 Mar 2010

In today’s post:
Vegetable harvest
Pizza creations
Another sick chook

I haven’t posted here for a while as I have been on night shifts, starting at 1800 and finishing at 0200 and have found it difficult to find the motivation to do anything during the day.

Today I had a look in the garden with Courtney and we decided to grab a few bits and pieces for dinner.  We ended up harvesting a fair bit of stuff .  We ended up pulling and picking:

  • Carrot – Harvested 448g
  • Beetroot – Harvested 696g
  • Bush Bean – Harvested 470g
  • Broccoli – Harvested 54g
  • Parsnip – Harvested 18g (Just to test if they were ready)

The reason I thought about harvesting anything at all is because while at work on Thursday night we ordered pizza for dinner.  There was a conversation over the menu on how Giles thought it was un-Australian that no one ever puts beetroot on Aussie pizzas.  Peter thought the idea was repulsive but I had other ideas.  I think I can make it work.  Here’s my plan…

I am going to roast the beets with a little olive oil, cumin seeds and sea salt so that they are quite savoury and not as sweet as the pickled version you get on burgers.  I plan to pair that with home made pizza dough, topped with basil pesto, made from basil in our garden too, mozzarella, the beetroot sliced thinly, some onion and crushed garlic with fetta sprinkled on top.

Hopefully with the home grown, home made approach and roasting the beets it should turn out quite nice.  If not, nothing lost.

I am waiting for the dough to prove (rise) while I am typing, then I will let it rest in the fridge overnight.

I really have to try to resist planting anything where the root vegetables were harvested from as I am still planning to move them to the back yard and need them empty and moved by late winter.  If I plant anything else it would have to be a crop that grows over winter and is harvested early to mid spring, leaving it too late to really get a good start on the ever-popular summer crops (tomatoes, capsicums, chillis, potatoes, lettuce, peas… All the good stuff).

Another of my chickens is unwell.  People on think it may be a mild infection and to just keep an eye on her.  The only symptom at the moment is that she keeps closing her eyes and acting like a blind old lady.  Looking left and right, listening to what is happening around her but not looking.  I will be watching like a hawk as I can’t lose another one so soon.  Hopefully she pulls through.


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