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March 17, 2010

Wed, 17 Mar 2010

In today’s post:
Wedding Anniversary
The Sick Chook
Beetroot Pizza Challenge

Today is our wedding anniversary.  Each year we have tried to get back to Home Hill Winery, where we got married three years ago, and again this year we managed.  Not sure where the money is going to come from to pay for an extravagant lunch but we needed a good feed.  It was absolutely delicious.  I just adore Home Hill.  Anyone that has been there, be it for our wedding or otherwise, will know just how beautifully a setting it is.  Nestled in a valley in the Huon with hundreds of grape vines, a couple of dogs, alpacas on site and cattle grazing in the distance on neighbouring land.  Home Hill are big on local produce too.  Here’s what we had:
Aaron – Woodbridge Smokehouse trout with roasted onion aioli, caper berries and tarragon lemon oil
Courtney – Freshly baked sourdough bread with lemon pressed olive oil
Aaron – Farmed rabbit stuffed with pinenuts, red rice and apricot, with warm pinkeye and seeded mustard salad
Courtney – Rack of lamb with braised beans, peas, and house cured bacon
Aaron – Lemon curd tart with Meander Valley Cream and cardamom syrup
Courtney – Bitter chocolate marquis with apricots, spiced brioche and yogurt icecream

Such a nice meal.  I cooked dinner, which paled in comparison to such a fantastic lunch.  I cooked free range pork loin chops with onion gravy.  It was quite nice though.

Our chook is looking worse today.  Over the past few days she has deteriorated significantly.  I took her to the vet yesterday to see if what she had was contagious.  She has an acute infection and it may well be infectious to the other birds.  We were given some antibiotics to give orally (damn it is hard to get a chook to open their mouth and keep it open).  We are hoping that she gets noticeably better tomorrow as it will have been 48 hours by then and we don’t want to continue her suffering.  We may have to finish it for her.

The beetroot pizza challenge, a self made challenge after a chat with some work mates who decided that beetroot would taste crap on a pizza, was great fun.  I was thinking about it for days, trying to come up with the winning combination of ingredients.  I varied it a little bit from what was quoted on my blog a few days ago.  We ended up making some dough, the same dough we used last time, and made some basil pesto with the basil from the garden, mozzarella cheese, we grated some beetroot (raw, but it cooks in the oven) from the garden as well, chicken thigh meat and fetta cheese.  It was fantastic and we will definitely be cooking that again.


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  1. Jilly permalink

    Yum!!! (to all of the above… Except for the chook)

    It all was very yummy. The pizza was a conversation I had with Giles and Peter

  2. Wendy permalink

    Where’s my doggy bag????? Yummmoooooooooo

    It’s probably still there. Maybe…

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