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March 27, 2010

Sat, 27 Mar 2010

In today’s post:
Holidaying in Port Stevens
A pizza oven in planning

We went on a trip to Port Stevens this week.  We were up there for 5 days seeing my family again.  I have 3 sisters, a brother, 2 nieces and a nephew up there that I only found out about less than 2 years ago.  We have made 3 trips up there now and we are still very much getting to know each other.  We stayed in a pretty average caravan park, in a cabin, where most of the people in the park were living there full time.  It’s kinda creepy.   We didn’t really do much while we were up there, just tried to see everyone as much as possible, in between work and what-not.

On Monday we flew up to Sydney and went to IKEA.  It must have been the quickest IKEA trip in history I reckon.  We were there for only about 3/4 hour.  We knew what we needed and just went to grab it, have a bit of a look around and get going again.  We stopped at Aunty Jill’s and Uncle Peter’s house for afternoon tea on the way up to Port Stevens.  We had dinner at my siblings family home with the addition of their mum, their half sister and her children.

On Tuesday Kyra and Lexi (Sister and Niece), Courtney, Abbie and I all went to the beach at Hawks Nest and had a swim.  We had lunch at a local fish and chips shop and went back to our cabin for some 3 year old tantrums and adult chatting before going out to Mayfield (Newcastle) for some all-you-can-eat dinner action with the whole family.  It was a good day.

On Wednesday we waited for Candice (Sister) to finish the first half of her split shift at work so we could hang out.  We had some lunch and chatted and played a board game.  After that we went to see Kyra, Mitch and Lexi and we went ten pin bowling in Raymond Terrace.  I had an awesome first game and a fairly average second game.  Abbie looked as if she was going to be a nightmare while we payed but she calmed down and was happy enough to eat corn cakes and sit in our laps.  We invited everyone over to our cabin for a BBQ for dinner.  We cooked in the dark but it was nice to have everyone there.

Thursday was our last day to spend with everyone.  We made the most of it and got to spend a bit of time alone with each of my siblings.  We started the day with breakfast in Hawks Nest with Kyra.  Saw Candice again during her break.  Took Rhys to Nelson Bay to see Mel, Tim, Kodie and Saskia (Sister, her partner, Nephew and Niece) and we all went to Zenith Beach for a swim in big swell.  I got hammered by a few big waves and I think I may have an ear infection from the water in my ear.

Friday we slept through the alarm to get up and drive to Sydney to catch our plane home.  We still made it out the door at the right time and made it to our plane on time.

In the near future we are planning to build a pizza oven in the back yard with the spare bricks from building our house.  We will start building it in the next few weeks.  It all starts with a bit of concreting for a footing.  Then I need to try to build a brick wall with 2 corners in it to make a |_| shape.  I have never laid bricks before so it should be a nice sharp learning curve.  I can’t wait to get started.  It will be really nice to make pizzas and sourdough bread in the wood fired oven.  Long slow cooked roasts work really well in a well made oven too.


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  1. sommer is my half sister.. not step
    just like you’re my half brother.. lol
    i’m really sorry there wasn’t much happening when you came up..
    it was just lovely to see you.. and the company felt great… and not forced.. relaxing even (aside from three year old tantrums.. she’s pretty good at those)

    but i hope you don’t feel like it was a wasted trip

    • Sorry. Got that wrong. I meant half, not step, but wrote step. All fixed.

      It wasn’t a wasted trip at all. We had a great time. Thanks for having us.

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