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April 8, 2010

Thu, 08 Apr 2010

I haven’t been here for a while.  Since getting back from Port Stephens I haven’t really been motivated to do much at all.  I find myself wasting the days sitting on the computer and waiting to go to work and wasting my days off recovering from work or feeling tied down looking after Abbie while Courtney goes to work.  This is exactly why I started the blog but I don’t have the motivation to do anything about it.

I know there have been times in the last two weeks when I have done some interesting things but even after doing them I still couldn’t find the motivation to find the words to blog about it.  I’m going to ignore everything that I have or haven’t done since my last blog and put down things from today and for the future.

Today I am at home with a sick child.  I had to call in to work and take the day off to look after her.  She was up until all hours of the night and then again during the night, bawling her eyes out.  She just has a cold but they seem to hit her so hard when she gets them.  Hopefully our ‘get down and dirty’ theory helps to build her immune system for the future.  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

I made the most of the time that Abbie spent sleeping and went straight to the garden.  I have been waiting for the vegetables in the garden beds out the front to finish.  They seem to be taking forever.  I got sick of waiting so pulled the parsnip out early, got rid of the remaining corn cobs and pulled the stalks out, pulled the climbing beans and bush beans (both of which I was planning to save for seed) and now we have one empty garden bed, ready to move to a better location up in the back yard.

We also harvested the pumpkins that are ready.  Pumpkin has to be one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow.  You start with a tiny seed, grow a tiny seedling, watch it grow into a huge rambling vine, see the tiny pumpkins at the base of every female flower and watch them slowly grow into a lovely golden orb.

We harvested some rosemary, basil and rhubarb as well.  The rosemary has been in the ground for over a year now and it is growing very well.  It is getting really big and it was time to get rid of some of it.  The basil needs to be picked fairly regularly now as we are getting some frosts in the last week and it won’t last past the first hard frost.  It would be disappointing to lose the lot because we haven’t harvested it in a while.

Yesterday was the day that the sick chook from a few weeks ago needed to pass on.  It hadn’t gotten any better after the antibiotics and was looking sad and sorry for itself.  I did the deed before I went to work for the day.

I better go so that I can cook dinner with the produce from the garden.  I might post another blog tomorrow with what we ended up making with it all.


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  1. Amanda permalink

    Those pumpkins look insane!!! I want some soup when you make it :)
    And can you freeze basil do you think? in ice cubes maybe? Or just make tonnes of pesto, lol

    • I’m sure we can spare you some soup. Basil does freeze quite well if you pack it as tight as you can into an ice cube tray and fill it with water but I think I will make some pesto and freeze that instead.

  2. me and courtney are making soup when i come down!

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